10 Affirmations To Change Your 2021 For The Better

We can all vouch that 2020 was not the year we were expecting, and it seems strange that we’re welcoming in 2021 already! While you’ve probably given up on new year’s resolutions after the 2020 we’ve had, one thing you should be bringing into the New Year is affirmations. Affirmations are positive statements which help to counteract negative thoughts. It can be so easy to think negatively about things – especially ourselves.

Affirmations allow us to attract positive energy which ultimately leads to positive actions. Trust us, our minds are more powerful than we give them credit

On that note, here are our ten affirmations that we, at Mama Lunar, will be bringing into the New Year:

I vividly visualize my goals and then I make them a reality.

Understanding what your goals are makes it easier to reach them as you remind yourself of how far you have come and where you want to be.

My past does not dictate the future I can create.

We must let go of everything that has happened in our past, especially in 2020 and enter the new year with a new perspective. We do not want to carry negativity with us. Each new year brings wonderful opportunities for a new start.

I love and accept myself.

Look at yourself in the mirror every morning, repeat this whilst looking directly into your eyes and speaking to your soul. Self-love is the most important characteristic a person can have as we are the only person we spend our whole lives with.

My life is a gift – I will live each day with meaning.

No matter what happens in life, it is important to appreciate the life we have been given.

I feel confident within myself.

The abundance you can manifest, and the thoughts you have about yourself are in direct correlation. Without proper self-confidence, you will not believe that you are worthy of any blessing or abundance.

I am thankful for my health and will continue to cherish it into the new year.

Our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing work in tandem with each other. Prioritise paying attention to each and take a moment each day to register how you’re feeling.

I welcome every opportunity that comes my way.

Opportunities are around us constantly, take time to seek what potential comes your way each day and watch more flow abundantly into your life.

My goals for this year are achievable.

Setting goals are especially important after the 2020 we have all had. From going on a half-hour walk, to getting through your flooded email inbox, everybody’s goals are different - don’t compare!

I love and respect my body.

We can often put too much pressure on ourselves. This is detrimental for our self-image and can cause stress which negatively impacts our health. Speak to yourself as you would a friend and watch your self-respect sky rocket.

I will let go of the negativity from this year and welcome 2021 with positivity.

Holding onto the past does nothing but cause emotional strain. Write yourself a letter confronting what has happened in 2020 and what you wish to let go of. Sometimes putting pen to paper can help ideas become actions.

We know how hard this year has been and affirmations are just the starting point for us to start healing. Try 1 month of affirmations, lighting a Mama Lunar candle each night, clearing out negative energy and we can guarantee your life will begin to improve.

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