Five Reasons To Shop Small This Christmas

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Christmas is fast approaching and we think it’s going to be a little different this year. 2020 has been a historical year that has literally changed life as we know it, so we encourage you to embrace those changes and incorporate them into your seasonal holiday this time around. We know just how tempting it is to grab those money-saving deals in the Black Friday sales, it’s cheap, easy and advertised everywhere! But what about your local artist, crafter or aromatherapy brand? Supporting small makes a huge positive impact to these business owners, not to mention how environmentally friendly it can be. If you still need convincing, take a look below…

1. The Little Dance (yes, it really happens)

There is a fairytale that says “when you purchase something from a small business, they do a happy little dance”.

This. Is. True.

Every single purchase from a small business means something to the person who created the company. If you’ve seen our Instagram, you’ll know that starting a business takes a lot of determination and dedication. Countless hours, stress and tears go into our babies - watching all the hard work pay off through sales really means something to us. Think about when you get a message through from your crush and how happy that makes you? Yeah that’s exactly what we get when someone chooses Mama Lunar.

2. LOVE. and lots of it!

We obviously love what we do, that goes without saying… but we put a lot of that into our candles and Moon Melts. After all, it’s our passion.

Mama Lunar was founded because we wanted to create market-leading products and educate people on how to positively experience the holistic benefits of essential oils. Our founder is still super involved with crafting every product, our social platforms, buying, branding plus everything else that goes into Mama Lunar. Passion is what drive our brand, not financial gain.

3. Guaranteed Ethical Manufacturing

Trust us when we say that this isn’t just ‘marketing’, ethical value and strong morals are what fuelled and shaped Mama Lunar to what it is today. As you may know, every part of our packaging is recyclable and we offer of Return, Reward, Reuse scheme that gives you money off our products if you send us back your used candle jars. By buying with Mama Lunar, you are helping us help the planet.

4. Only a DM away…

The benefit of buying from a small business is that we really are just a quick direct message away – Instagram or Facebook – we’ve got you. Not sure which scent to choose? What essential oils are best for those struggling with depression? You won’t have to worry about being on hold to a phone-company located 2,000 miles away. Message us at any time, we’re more than happy to help and will normally reply pretty instantly.

5. Supporting the Planet

As a small business, we do our best to support other small businesses. All of our sourcing and manufacturing is done with sustainability and community at the forefront of our priorities. We are so conscious of how delicate our planet is so do our best to be as earth-friendly as possible. If you choose to buy from sustainable small brands, like Mama Lunar, remember that you’ll help turn the page for brands like ours leading the way.

If this still hasn’t quite convinced you, then drop us a little message and we’d love to tell you more about our lovely little brand.

Lots of love,

Mama Lunar x

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