November 22 – December 21

Phew! Scorpio Season is over, it’s now time for us to rid of the intense energy and welcome the easy going nature of Sagittarius Season. Sagittarius is a fire sign and often is associated with bringing light into your world; it is also ruled by Jupiter, the planet of optimism and adventure meaning that we can expect the following few weeks to crave travel and new experiences. We know that the ongoing global struggle with the Coronavirus may restrict adventurous tendencies, let our below affirmations help shift any remaining heavy energy from Scorpio season and welcome in the light-hearted vibrations waiting for you!

1. I Am Talented, Intelligent & Passionate About What I Do Expect Sagittarian energy to flow through you, channeling big ideas and strong emotions. Ensure you are mindful of these emotions that are inclined to change… fickle just as the Sagittarius’ are. This season will make you want to resurface your passion so let’s make it a point to listen to these urges. It will possibly spark a desire for all the things you want to accomplish and perhaps, you’ll find ways to implement this new-found habit/activity in your everyday life.

2. My Intuition Guides Me To The Right Path Sagittarians energy is known to channel change from one idea to another quickly, so buckle up and factor this into your professional life over the coming season. You know that little pang in your stomach that you get every time you want to make a decision, it’s one of the ways your body communicates with you. Your intuition, more commonly referred to as ‘the gut feeling’ is like a compass that guides you in the direction you would like to head towards. Don’t ignore it. Pay some heed to it and the results may surprise you.

3. Every Day, I Learn Something New Sagittarius is the sign of curiosity and learning… we have 24 hours in a day so try your best to make the most out of this abundant energy. It may be something very simple, try browsing online about things you would like to learn. There is so much free knowledge just a few taps away.

4. I Maintain A Healthy Work-Life Balance Maintaining a healthy work life balance will come into importance over the next few weeks. Sagittarians are known for their expert abilities to identify their passion and entwine it throughout every aspect of their life. Remember to maintain that work life balance.

5. I Know My Worth Get to know yourself. Knowing your worth is a very personal internal measure of how you value yourself and ultimately the other things in your life. Spoil yourself, go out and have some fun, just make sure to do something that brings you joy. You have got to make sure to look after yourself and treat yourself with respect, because if you don’t, who will? 6. I Am Fierce, Unafraid & Bold Sagittarians are known to be wild, independent, and outgoing and because of this, you may feel the need to say exactly what you want without giving it a second thought. Embrace it! Believe in yourself, for this will teach you more about who you are and what you want. This season, believe that you are fierce and you will give all that you have got to offer towards all that you want to have.

This Sagittarius Season, take the opportunity of all the good it has to offer. Open your mind and heart to grow bigger and whilst you are at it, make sure to have fun!

Lots of Love, Mama Lunar X

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