Affirmations For The Scorpio Season

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

October 22 – November 21

It’s that time of the year again when we are spooked by all that’s happening around us, but don’t let this dampen your spirits. The Scorpio Season is popularly known for being a period of intensity and darkness and we are here to tell you how to use this to your advantage. Let us focus on how you can be self-fulfilling and how you can manifest your thoughts into reality. Scorpio is a water sign – a group known for being sensitive and sentimental. With the Sun transiting into Scorpio, we are all bound to share a little bit of this element’s traits irrelevant of your star sign. Here are some affirmations to get you through this Scorpio Season:

1. Fear is only a feeling, it can’t hold me back

There are going to be challenges that you would rather avoid, but don’t let this fear hold you back from having the life that you want to have. Don’t let this feeling of fear control your life.

2. I am in love with myself: body, mind & soul

Learn to accept yourself for who you are, what you look like and how you feel. This acceptance goes a long way to build yourself to be the person that you desire yourself to be. Make your current state of body, mind and soul - a starting point to work upon yourself to meet the standards that you’ve set for yourself.

3. I choose to be one with the universe

Listen to your surroundings, watch the birds fly, look at the trees as they sway, watch the moon and the stars as they rise and realise that there is a system for everything. Be grateful for being a part of this grand scheme of everything that is unfolding.

4. I dream, I believe, I receive

Get into the habit of setting goals for yourself and envision your life with these goals achieved. Are you content with what you see? Then go ahead and dream big, believe, believe and believe and slowly, but surely, it will be yours to keep.

5. I will never give up

No matter the season, there will be hurdles in every journey. Embrace the fact that these hurdles make the journey so much more interesting and once you’ve achieved your goals, you’ll have a much interesting story to tell.

6. I am stronger than I think

Remember that time when you thought that you couldn’t carry on, but you did anyway? Yup, that’s a clear sign of the resilient person that you are. You always push through the adversities that life throws at you and you become another level stronger. So, when you’re thinking that you are not strong enough, look how far you’ve come and push yourself a bit more; you’ll be where you intended to be.

This Scorpio Season, make sure you focus on YOU because we at Mama Lunar believe in THE POWER OF YOU.

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