Mama Lunar Meets The Mindful Hive - How to Have a Sustainable Christmas!

Joining us in our November episode of Mama Lunar was the wonderful Olivia, aka The Mindful Hive who chatted to us about the small things we can do to have a more sustainable Christmas. The festive season is such an exciting time of the year but sadly, is also incredibly wasteful. Fret not! There are so many things we can do to make a big difference…

What is The Mindful Hive?

The Mindful Hive is an online eco-store which oozes tonnes of plastic-free, toxin free products from small sustainable, independent brands. To say that The Mindful Hive’s founder Olivia is passionate, would be an understatement! The business stemmed from the countless hours she spent cleaning beaches in Thailand; appalled by the sheer volume of waste that was going into the oceans (she cleared over 200kg of rope), Olivia wanted to make a difference. And then The Mindful Hive was born!

As you guys know, we’re so passionate about sustainability here at Mama Lunar, it fuels us still to this day so you can imagine our excitement discovering The Mindful Hive.

Still curious? Here are a few things you should be mindful of in order to be more sustainable this Christmas…

  • Gifting

If you’re lucky, Christmas tends to be the time of year that is fuelled by gift-giving to loved ones and yes we agree, it’s harder than you think to make sure they’re sustainable! Where do you even begin? The best way to be sustainable with your gift giving is to create your gifts. It takes a little time but these gifts are bound to be treasured. If you’re time shy, take a peak at our Instagram and we’ve made a highlight of some of our favourite small, sustainable brands. This should give you a great head start!

  • Wrapping

Did you know that over 227,000 miles of wrapping paper are used in the UK each year? To add to that, wrapping paper isn’t even recyclable! But there are many alternatives… Olivia mentioned the old Japanese wrapping method, Furoshiki, uses old material such as scarves to wrap presents - check out YouTube for a guide on how to do this. It’s a fab method as it allows you to use your old clothes, so you don’t even need to buy anything! Simply cover the presents with the fabric and decorate with ribbon, pinecones or dried oranges! Both festive and sustainable! If you’re really time shy, you could also use brown paper, paper tape or even old boxes which can be easily found in your local post office.

  • Christmas Trees and Decorations

Now we don’t expect you to give up your Christmas tree and baubles, don’t worry! They’re the traditional symbol of the festive season and let’s face it, are great fun to decorate! However, artificial trees are made of plastic and sadly cause such detrimental effects on the environment which is why it’s always best to buy real Christmas trees – especially one from your local Christmas tree farm. If you don’t have one near, there are some companies which will encourage you to rent a Christmas tree! If you decide to get an artificial tree, then we recommend that you purchase a second-hand one. The same goes for Christmas decorations – some charity shops have incredible pre-loved baubles.

  • Christmas Dinners

Let’s face it, the best part about Christmas is the food!

If you’re looking to push sustainability as far as your Christmas lunch, have you considered a vegan meal? We know that this can be a hard transition, especially if you’re accommodating for many family members but Olivia stressed how much more earth friendly it will be. If that’s a step too far then just try to ensure all scraps are put to waste, boxing day is a great opportunity to get creative, put your chef hat on and create a concoction from yesterday’s leftovers. If you’re purchasing meat, it’s great to buy sustainable, grass-fed local meat from the butchers meaning no nasty antibiotics and you’re helping your local community. A win-win!

We’re now starving and are going to go find a snack, but before we do, we’ve shared some top tips from The Mindful Hive’s Olivia - some real expert advice on living a more sustainable life!

  • Take a look at Max Lamanna’s website and recipe book More Plants, Less Waste. Max is an award-winning chef who makes vegan zero-waste food. He wants people to be more aware of how much food people waste when they cook. He once made pulled pork out of banana skin! Who would have thought?

  • Fast-fashion activist, Venetia Lamanna’s podcast Remember Who Made Them focuses on the fast-fashion industry and the processes which go into the industry, highlighting how unsustainable the industry is.

  • For all you book lovers out there, 101 Ways to go Zero Waste by Katherina Kellog is a great starting point. Katherina has lived a zero-waste life to the point where her entire waste in 2 years, fits into a mason jar!

  • On Instagram, Olivia recommends following Less Waste Laura for some useful hints and tips on how to live a more sustainable, low waste living, life.

Don’t forget that all of our candles and Moon Melts at Mama Lunar are 100% recyclable, toxin-free, vegan and 100% pure, so tick every box when it comes to sustainability. If you’re unsure on what gift is the best, drop us a DM and we’d love to help you. P.S. if you send us back your empty candle jars, we will re-use them and if you send five back, give you a £10 voucher to use on your next order!

If you’d like to find out more about how to have a sustainable Christmas or tips about living a sustainable life in general, drop us a message at or visit


Mama Lunar x

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